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Karen Pofahl – Picacho Mountain Managing Partner
Karen, oversees the vertical construction projects for the Picacho Mountain development. Her major focus over the past two years has been to coordinate the design and contract management for the Willows at Picacho Mountain patio home project. Additionally, Karen is working with architects to design the next phase of vertical development, The Oaks at Picacho Mountain townhomes.

Karen is President and Executive Director of Community Resource International (CRI), a non profit community development organization committed to working with communities, homeowner associations and developers to empower residents to create better neighborhoods. Click here to read more about Karen’s many other roles and accomplishments.

Tommy Etterling – Managing Partner
Tommy Etterling is one of the Managing Partners for the Picacho Mountain Development. He coordinates all project consultants, planners and engineers. He manages the bid process for all project services. Additionally he oversees entitlements and permits, site work and utility contractors.

Tommy has taken the lead role in forming the Picacho Mountain Homeowners Association. He coordinates national management and legal firms who have assisted us in organizing and drafting CC&R’s and design guidelines for the Picacho Mountain Community. Click here to read more about Tommy’s many other roles and accomplishments.

Ruben Aguirre – Chief Financial Officer
Ruben Aguirre is responsible for preparing financial projections, analyzing operating & investment results, and managing financial risks. Ruben provides in-house direction of local government approvals for Picacho Mountain and other CBI projects.

Ruben joined Picacho Moungain in 2004 as a financial analyst. He also reviewed and prepared project pro formas and packages with the senior management team. He was instrumental in the entitlement process for the Picacho Mountain Master Sketch Plan which was approved in 2006.  Click here to read more about Ruben’s many other roles and accomplishments.

Tiffany Etterling – Director of Marketing
As the Director of Marketing, Tiffany Etterling’s primary responsibility is the coordination of corporate sales marketing strategies and materials. Tiffany coordinates CBI’s outside consultants in media, web optimization, social media and ad campaigns. She currently works with Picacho Mountain’s many local and national consultants such as Meredith Communications, Cliffdwellers Productions.

Tiffany has extensive experience in the development and execution of marketing materials, strategies and concepts for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Click here to read more about Tiffany’s many other roles and accomplishments.

Miles Dyson
miles dyson inspection connectionMiles Dyson of Inspection Connection is Las Cruces, New Mexico’s foremost expert in home inspection, home energy rating, and residential green build consulting services.

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